Hi, erhm… hmm..Ok. I decided to write this food journal to keep track of what I am eating.
As well as the calories intake.
I don’t know how long am I going to maintain on this journal but I do hope I can keep it for as long as I can.


I am standing at a height of 157 cm and weight at…
anyway, not my ideal weight.
I used to weight at 54kg.
But for me at 54kg I still think that I am not slim enough.
For me, I always have this mentality that if you are 167cm tall you should weigh at 58kg or less.
And for me, I am 157cm tall and I should weigh at 48kg or even lesser.
Ever since I gave birth to my 2 daughters, my weight never went back to pre-pregnancy.
So sad. :'(
I had being struggling with my weight for the past 7 years…

So today , the starting of writing this journal,
I hope it can help me to become a more discipline person.
A person who really will work hard to achieve my target.
And of cos my dreams… 🙂


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