Chinese New Year snacks

Haha .. oops I still didn’t lose any weight.
Didnt manage my diet well for the past 2 days.
Oh well. What to do ..
Was busy spring cleaning and busy snacking away the Chinese New Year snacks.
They are simply irresistable. :/

There are a whole lots of goodies for CNY.
Listed below are some of it showing how much calories are there for the different types of CNY snacks. 😀

My favourite – prawn rolls, crispy honeycomb, Bak kwa (pork), pineapple tarts…
See how high those calories are.
Will try hard on my diet once CNY goodies are gone.
Meanwhile .. I think I am going to be on maintaining mode for my weight instead of losing it .
Excuses from a greedy woman. :p


1st day – How to read serving size on label

This morning I weighed myself.
Weighing at “not slim” weight still…. Arrggghhhh….
Body fat was 30.4% on 9 Jan 2014.

For breakfast,
1 slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread and a glass of 3 in 1 cereal oat drink (low fat)

Below is the bread that I usually bought for myself .


*can see the table that wrote :
per serving = 2 slices = 145 cal.
But I took 1 slice therefore it is 145/2 = 72.5 (73

Peanut butter spread that I took, which I tried to spread thinly .. but they just taste so good .. :p
*table show serving size 36 g (2 tablespoon) = 215 cal
I took about 1/2 tablespoon therefore 215/4 = 53.75 Kcal (54 cal)

The 3 in 1 cereal oat that I took, I took this for dinner sometimes ..
*low fat and 119 cal

Total amount of calories I took for my breakfast = 73 + 54 +119 = 246 cal
I always try to eat within 1200 calories per day but in order to lose weight I try to eat within 1000 calories but that simply is really not possible..

For lunch,
My elder one is sick today thus I cooked something simple and light for her.
Porridge with egg and pork with a little help from the little one. (of cos a quick snap just in case …)

Below pic is what i took for lunch .
Porridge with egg and pork + braised peanuts (canned) + pickled lettuce (canned) + 1 7-8″ long banana
For both canned items , I try to take less than the serving size stated on the can.
Canned items are usually high in preservatives, sugar and salt . So it is not advisable to take it often.

* My bowl serving is very small.
1 bowl serves about the size of my fist.
Thus I took 2 bowls of it. *
For lunch, since it is not easy to count the calories in details because I cooked all together in a pot for the family, and also it is rice (higher in calories), I will sum up as I took 500 cal to make things easier for me :p
Lunch + banana = 500 +105 = 605 cal
*serving size for braised peanuts 60g = 106cal *
For this i took less than 10 peanuts so it will be less than 60 g

*pickled lettuce serving size 30g = 22 cal*
For this I took more cos it is so crunchy and tasty .. hahaha ..

So total for Breakfast and lunch = 246 + 605 = 851 (850 cal)
If I try to take within 1000 I still left 150 kcal
But if within 1200 I still left 350kcal
So which one should I choose ?? Lol .. get greedy .. yeah today I get greedy ..

For dinner, ( thanks to the approaching Chinese New Year, I need to stock up snacks for the guests .. :/ )
I snack on dried preserved guava (preservatives again) + sesame coated small fried fish + tiny bit of soup noodles.. gosh guess for dinner my calories took be 500 cal.
Normally for snacking I took it in very very little quantity to satisfy my craving. I don’t finish the whole pack.
So today 850 +500 = 1350 cal

Do I exercise today?
Nope. I just did some house work.
Spring cleaning for the upcoming Chinese New Year aka CNY.
I am a totally lazy bum in exercising… after I gave birth…
Before that I am that strong in exercising .. now I just DON’T feel like doing it..


Hi, erhm… hmm..Ok. I decided to write this food journal to keep track of what I am eating.
As well as the calories intake.
I don’t know how long am I going to maintain on this journal but I do hope I can keep it for as long as I can.


I am standing at a height of 157 cm and weight at…
anyway, not my ideal weight.
I used to weight at 54kg.
But for me at 54kg I still think that I am not slim enough.
For me, I always have this mentality that if you are 167cm tall you should weigh at 58kg or less.
And for me, I am 157cm tall and I should weigh at 48kg or even lesser.
Ever since I gave birth to my 2 daughters, my weight never went back to pre-pregnancy.
So sad. :'(
I had being struggling with my weight for the past 7 years…

So today , the starting of writing this journal,
I hope it can help me to become a more discipline person.
A person who really will work hard to achieve my target.
And of cos my dreams… 🙂