Thai Guava


🙂 what’s this?
Its Thai Guava!
Should be from Thailand right? Since it’s labelled as Thai Guava.
It taste so good just by eating it alone!
This is my  fav. fruit for this week.
Want to know more amazing benefits of Guava?
Read it up here 🙂 – 19 Amazing Benefits of Guava For Skin, Hair and Health


Cream puffs

Ok i thought I should be dieting?
What this below??
They taste nice! Not bad!!
You may like to try them 😀
I espeically like the one with the Oreo cookie on top. That is really good! Yummy!!


Tea Latte capsule

Saw this Tea Latte capsule for my Dolce Gusto.
Bought it and tried it.
It taste sweet and creamy and YUMMY!
I like drink with milk thus cafe au lait is my favourite too. 🙂




And of course it calories are not low.
Oops.. Whatever..because I am going back to my fitness routine..
I had went jogging for the past 3 days ! yeah!! **applause**

Ever since I gave birth to my 1st child, I seldom exercise.
After jogging on the 1st day, I felt my heart was trying to pump really hard to breath..
It felt like there was a layer of fat clinging on to it.. I felt weird and tired and unhealthy. :/
On the 3rd day, after the jog, I felt much better.
Especially my heart. It is pumping more strongly and steadily 🙂
Although I want to look slim and pretty BUT I feel that a healthy heart is the most important.
I will try to keep my jogging routine everyday to maintain a healthy pumping heart.
I do not want to have that feeling of heart pumping with the feel of fat clinging on to it.
It feels kinda weird. I don’t like. :/

Sweet Potatoes

I decided to have green apples and prunes added with sprinkle of sweet sour plum powder as lunch.
But as I was walking around the supermarket, I saw little sweet potatoes with purple skin.
Thus I decided to get them too.
Below is the mixture of 2 small green apples, 3 prunes, 2 sweet potatoes and a dash of sweet sour plum powder.
(picture don’t look appetizing.. I know :p)

I did not know I got 2 different color flesh potato.
1 is yellow another is purple.
To me, purple skin potato are the sweetest with yellow flesh.
They taste so good!
Purple flesh also taste sweet. They cooked pretty fast .
But I prefer the yellow flesh.

Finished.. but left with green apples on the plate.
The green apples are too sour! :/
I don’t like it. :p

New salad :-)

I was inspired by my friend, Kerene, she prepared a fruit salad top with nuts with yoghurt dressing. And it look so healthy and appetizing!

Thus, I prepared for myself about the same. As shown below.


I used 2 medium size red apples (without skin), 4 butterhead leaves and 5 tiny cherry tomatoes.
As my body don’t really like nuts thus I omit it. Dressing – mixed Berries yoghurt from Meiji.


How does it taste?
Not bad! I quite like it. more sweetness though maybe because I used red apples. Should try green apples next time. With the cherry tomatoes they add abit of sour in it. Butterhead don’t really go well with the yoghurt. maybe other lettuce will be better. Will try it next time.

Calories (I got the calories here)
2 medium red apples (no skin) = 122 Cal
Meiji yoghurt = 129 cal
Butter head 4 leaves = ~8 Cal
5 cherry tomatoes = ~15 Cal
Total = 275 Cal
That’s so little!
A great meal that is filling! Great!
Will trial more soon . 🙂